Hypnotherapy, EFT & Matrix Reimprinting, Parts Therapy. (Combination package - 6x sessions)

'Thank you so much for all your help. I can't express enough what a difference it has made to me and how happy I am, not just that it seems to have worked on my anxiety but also in my relationship with my mum which I thought was beyond repair. It truly is amazing and I'm so grateful!

Update one year after completion of sessions:

It's hard to describe the impact that therapy has had on me as it runs through every element of life - cutting out that level of anxiety has truly been a liberation and there is I feel content. I am no longer 'waiting for the next crisis feeling'. I now have made peace especially with my Mum that I honestly don't think I'd ever experienced in my life. 

Also I am totally not smoking! I don't need that as a crutch when I get stressed which is nothing short of a maria-acle. All in all in I felt/feel empowered which changed my life for the better and allowed me to feel in control which is amazing. Thank you.

R, Marketing Manager, London

Combined package (6x sessions)

'Thank you doesn't seem enough for what you have done to help our daughter. She has transformed beyond belief and we are all so happy to see her back again - healthy, happy and confident! 


EFT & Matrix Reimprinting

'I really enjoyed Marie's healing therapeutic methods, something new for me that has opened doors to understand, care and love myself better. I would definitely recommend her.' 

Dr. Guzman

'After many years of suffering creative blocks, I went to see Marie at Inspire Self Healing...I broke through the blocks. I have now completed my first novel.' 


Thank you very much Marie. I really value your work, knowledge and intuition. I felt very comfortable to discuss with you a painful memory that had come up in my past life regression session. EFT and Matrix Reimprinting were powerful tools to work on this. With your help I was also able to make a connection how I carried the same feeling in this life time too and work on it. I feel much lighter now.. Namasté

K.R, Author


Hypnotherapy & EFT

'When I came to see Marie I was suffering with a stressful situation. I had not had hypnotherapy before and I was not sure what to expect but Marie made me feel relaxed and at ease. The sessions were very calming. The overall results of the sessions helped me reflect on my responses when dealing with the difficult situation which brought about changes. It also helped me to uncover how I see myself and how I can make positive changes in the future.' 

Brad,  - University student, London


'A great experience. Already feeling more relaxed. My head feels lighter (all the hub-bub going on in my head seems to have disappeared).' 

TK, London

'I had a course of Reiki sessions with Marie both before an operation and after. Reiki helped me with my general anxiety but also the pain that I was experiencing. I strongly believe that Reiki supported my body to heal itself.'

J , London

'Thank you so much. I actually felt quite recharged during the time, as if I was getting an energy boost. Other times with things like this I feel sleepy so that was interesting! It totally makes sense that you would be guided to work on my solar plexus. I have had a stomach bug recently and it hasn't fully cleared, I have been having a lot of pain and nausea since so it makes sense this would be the area to work on. You really do seem to have a natural ability here and can intuit things that make so much sense. I am really impressed...a natural gift!'

D, London

Life Purpose:

'I had a beautiful session with Marie and it shifted a lot of stuff for me and gave me a new sense of clarity for my life purpose. Thank you Marie for your integrity and gentle holding of the space as I took in the information. Enjoy the ripple effect.'

Kate, Hayhouse Author

'The life purpose session with Marie was remarkably accurate – and I found it very moving as it really did resonate with me.  It’s reassuring to know that I am on the right path, and to have some useful guidance into what else is possible for me.  The session itself was enjoyable as Marie is knowledgeable, insightful and warm,  and explained it all so clearly.  Thank you!' 

Jackie,  Life Coach, Hampshire 

'I’ve recently had a session with Marie. She is a great counsellor who has the ability to present what seems complex information in an easy and understandable way.  It was wonderful and included both positive aspects as well as challenges. At the end she put all the information together and gave a very impressive overall summary. I’ve gained great insights and understandings about my whole life. Thanks to Marie I’m now aware of where I stand, how far I’ve come, how much I’ve already achieved and what I’m capable of achieving.  I would definitely recommend it and especially Marie to everyone. She’s not only an amazing counsellor and therapist but also a wonderful person who lives her own truth and spreads love and light.'

Sandy, University Lecturer, Sussex

'I just wanted to extend my thanks for the session, not knowing what to expect as I had never done anything like that before. I feel like I'm on the right path.' 

Michelle, Life Coach, Hampshire

'I want to say a massive thank you to you Marie for an amazing session. Marie you blew me away. I had no idea what to expect. I am looking forward to listening to it all over again, there was so much to take in. Thank you.'

S.M, Ireland

'I had my session via skype. It was amazing. It has helped me progress in my career. I didn't have the confidence to believe in myself and it helped me shift my limited belief. 
Highly recommended.
M.P, London

Inspire Change course:

'The course inspired me to believe in myself more. The techniques and exercises were good, well presented and Marie is clearly very caring and considerate in nature. I felt at ease as I was able to understand I put past issues into a better framework for moving forward.'

Bruce, London

'I feel so much better having taken part in this course. Marie is a very inspiring person and I hope she introduces a further level so I can join the course again.'

Elizabeth, London

'I found the sessions very helpful. Lots of tools, particularly the EFT tapping and affirmations as well as the helpful visualisations.  I am putting the tapping and writing in journal into practice. I feel motivated and am growing towards self-belief.  The specific visualisations are helping to unblock things from the past that have prevented me moving forward. 

A nice gentle approach by Marie and a safe place in which to share.'

P.B, London

'I found the course intriguing, uplifting and an adventure. I was equipped with tools to help me manage stress. Marie has a very positive approach.'

Stephen, London

Focused groups with students: 

'That was truly amazing. The guided imagery really helped me with my performance.'

'I feel so much more relaxed now and confident.'

'I love these techniques and to know that I can apply them to other situations - especially exams!'

'I can't believe how quick it worked. I don't have those knots in my stomach now.'