Psychotherapeutic Counselling

I am a member of the UKCP & BACP - which are the main two governing bodies in the UK.

Psychotherapeutic Counselling will support you to come into a deeper understanding, awareness and acceptance of yourself. Part of the process is not only unraveling and unpacking what you've brought, but to notice how we are relating to one another. We might explore the here and now to better understand a pattern that might have been created in the past. We might also look at what you're being pulled to; what hopes and aspirations you have.

As an integrative therapist, I am influenced by various schools of thought and concepts from: Gestalt, Internal Family Systems, Developmental, Humanistic, Psychodynamic, Ecopsychology, Jungian, Relational, Body Psychotherapy, Neuroscience. 

I am also very interested in somatic work and how trauma is held in the body. The work of trauma specialists such as Peter Levine, Stephen Porges, Deb Dana, Janina Fisher, Bessel Van Der Kolk, Gabor Mate are just some of the names that have inspired me and the way I work. I believe that to really heal trauma we have to engage the body (and go beyond traditional talk therapy). 

You might be familiar or not with the above. What really matters is that you feel that you're sitting with someone who has been professionally trained, who is experienced, warm, compassionate, non-judgemental, flexible, creative and is passionate about supporting people.

Usually the first step is to arrange a free call to find out about the service can help you. This is an opportunity for you to tell me a little more about what's going on for you and how I might be able to support you before arranging a date & time for an initial session. Sessions take place on a weekly basis and we can agree to work with each other on a short, medium or long term contract.

Feel free to also email - you might have a question or two before you decide on a consultation.

Location(s):  Central London & West Midlands

Online and Telephone

Session fee ranges from £65 - £75 - please contact for further information.

Standard sessions are 50 minutes. 

I also offer shorter and extended times (online only):

30 mins = £35
60 mins = £75
90 mins = £100

Fees reflect the level of qualifications, experience and whether certain modalities such as Hypnotherapy are incorporated.