This programme is for individuals (1-1) and for groups (within organisations /school settings).

We are all very familiar with the word 'stress.' It's an umbrella term for those feelings we get when life feels out of balance. For many, the modern day pattern of working, managing a home, possibly raising a family, as well as managing life challenges, means that there are periods of feeling 'stressed' or for some prolonged periods which can mean other health issues arising.

We have also witnessed a rise in stress amongst young people in schools and outside of their school environment. Within the education system, more and more teachers are being placed under extreme pressure.

This package is tailor made to fit where you are at right now. Your first session will involve exploration of your needs, what internal and external adaptations can be made, and ultimately how you can feel more at peace and content.

You will receive treatments that can be life changing and learn self help techniques to manage challenges now and in the future. 

The programme comprises of complementary treatments and also has a significant reduction in price, when booked as a course (rather than single sessions). 

     6 week Stress Management Programme comprising of:
  • Tailor made package following exploration of your needs
  • Hypnotherapy (*1-1 sessions only)
  • Creative Visualisation (*group work only)
  • NLP
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
  • Complementary personalised audio's
  • Email support for duration (1x per week)
  • Complementary 30 min Skype session (during course)

Once you have made a decision to work on an area of your life, you can commit and be part of a focused programme for positive change and breakthrough. 
You are investing in your health and well-being and will be fully supported throughout.

Investment is received when you book your first week. Should you decide not to proceed with the programme, your payment will be returned once full notice of one week has been given.

Please note: Your medical practitioner should be advised that you are seeking a programme of complementary therapy.
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*Improvement to health

*Release feelings of stress

*Improve your 

*Create more balance

*Feel more positive

*Create more space

*Live a more purpose filled life

*Recognise patterns

*Self development