People access this programme for various reasons. Some people have a presentation coming up, or are not able to progress in their careers due to not feeling able to carry out presentations, or some people have just had enough of the sometimes 'crippling' feelings of anxiety which hold them back in general conversations, being sociable or in wider contexts.

Performers from all genres also access this programme as they feel their performances could be improved with less anxiety and more confidence. 

This programme is tailored to fit your individual needs.  In your initial session, we will explore what you feel are contributing factors to your issues, and how we can move forward with them - to enable you to be a confident speaker and/or performer. For some people it can mean finding an event that was the initial cause and other events that reinforced a belief that you had taken on about yourself and your ability.

You will also learn techniques to help you just before a presentation or performance.

     6 week Public Speaking & Performance programme comprising of:
  • Tailor made package following exploration of your needs
  • Hypnotherapy
  • NLP
  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Practice session
  • Complementary personalised audio's
  • Email support for duration (1x per week)
  • Complementary 30 min Skype session (during course)
Once you have made a decision to work on an area of your life, you can commit and be part of a focused programme for positive change and breakthrough. 
You are investing in your health and well-being and will be fully supported throughout.

Investment is received when you book your first week. Should you decide not to proceed with the programme, your payment will be returned once full notice of one week has been given.

Please note: Where appropriate, your medical practitioner should be advised that you are seeking a programme of complementary therapy.


*Improved self-esteem

*Opportunities for growth in work and interests


*Self Development

*How to manage nervousness

*Releasing past events that have caused or reinforced lack of self-belief

*Finding your voice and passion

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