What is Meditation?

Meditation is a state of mind rather than an activity. Every day,we go into a meditative state whether we realise it or not. For example, when we daydream, or stand still to watch something in nature. We experience feelings of relaxation and stillness.

Setting time aside consciously to quieten the chatter of the mind, can enable us to form space in between the 'doing things', the concerns about what's been and what is to come.

What happens during meditation and what are the known benefits?

During meditation we experience an altered state of consciousness. Our brainwaves change, our blood pressure normalises. It is these conditions that we all need in our lives. We learn to create a relationship with our inner selves, our true being, which in turn helps us to create more balance and harmony within our lives.

There is a significant rise in stress related illness and disease. The body's reaction to the fight or flight response, is at times useful. However, prolonged periods of these feelings can cause long term damage. 

Meditation helps us to counterbalance the impact of stress. Aside from this, many people express that their creativity flourishes, their relationships improve and they are able to take a more positive approach to life's challenges. 

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Do you want to feel more peace in your life?

You will learn that meditation supports you to manage every 
day life. Meditation isn't about you 'trying' to shut off and escape necessarily. It's a practice that allows you to develop some inner peace - so that you are better 'equipped' to manage every day life.


1-1 Meditation Guidance

*Beginners Meditation

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