How To Book A Skype Session.  (Please note Zoom or telephone sessions can also be arranged).

Follow these quick and simple steps to book a lesson.

  1. Contact me for your free Skype consultation up to 15 mins. Your free consultation will help us to decide if we can work together.

  2. Make payment via bank transfer or Paypal.

  3. Finally, contact me to arrange a time and date that best suits you.

What sort of issues do people contact Inspire Self Healing about?

Common issues include:

  • Feeling stuck and a lack of direction in life

  • Feelings of stress & anxiety

  • Lack of confidence 

  • Low mood

  • Trauma that is impacting on daily life

  • Questioning patterns in relationship(s)

  • Creative blocks

  • Wanting to break free from habits 

  • Physical health issues