• Do you feel like you're standing at a crossroads not knowing which way to turn?
  • Is life feeling out of balance?
  • Would you like to break through stress and anxiety? 
  • Or maybe you want to explore your life purpose? 

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          Increase confidence and resilience 

           Improve the relationship with yourself and others 

           Create freedom from habits

           Embrace challenges and see them as opportunities 

           for growth

           Focus on your passion  

           Explore your life purpose 

           Live with more happiness

Inspire Self Healing as the name suggests comes from the fundamental belief that everyone has their unique ability to heal themselves.

However sometimes life experiences can make it more difficult for you to believe this. During these times, accessing support can enable you to see different perspectives, to make sense of what you're experiencing, to feel 'inspired' and to let go of what is causing you disharmony.

People access the service for a variety of reasons: to manage stress, feeling stuck in life, low self esteem, fears & phobia's, to manage weight issues, low mood, challenges in current relationship(s), creative block and performance anxiety, to increase confidence, physical health issue, or to break through patterns and habits. (List is not exhaustive)

Imagine feeling more free, breaking through patterns and limiting beliefs in order to create more peace and happiness in you life.

holistic approach is used which involves being able to draw on a range of therapeutic models -  to inspire you to move forward, make positive changes and support you to access your inner wisdom.

Inspire Self Healing offers 1-1 and group sessions, workshops, courses and also works with organisations such as charities and within educational settings. Usually these take place in the London area, however workshops and Skype sessions are arranged in other areas of the UK.


Women's Visualisation & EFT group  This group is well worth your investment. It will enable you to work through issues that are holding you back from living a more fulfilled life.   

*New day time groups

E17, London.   Investment: £10 (concessions available)

Please contact for further information & to book your place.

"Really enjoyed the first session, that was the best guided meditation I have ever been to. I felt totally relaxed in the group & gained some valuable food for thought. Looking forward to next weeks session ."

"I feel I am growing and learning more about my thinking each time. I will practice with the recording you sent and also try the tapping."

"I'm really enjoying it and feel really comfortable and safe in the group - which I think makes so much difference for me. Plus you are excellent at what you do!"


Would you like to book a FREE talk and demonstration for your organisation or project? Some of the areas are:

  • General information on service and therapies
  • Personal transformations from trauma, mental health and physical health issues to well-being.
  • Case studies (in keeping with confidentiality contract)
  • Women's Holistic Health

Please press the contact icon for further details and availability.

 What do others say about Inspire Self Healing:

"I can't believe how quickly the techniques worked. I was much more calmer and confident about my performance."

"Our daughter has transformed. Thank you for being the catalyst in her transformation."

"I am no longer waiting for the next 'crisis feeling', I now have made peace...Also I am totally not smoking. I don't need that as a crutch when I get stressed....Thank you."

"You have not only helped my daughter, but the whole family. I was a bit sceptical at first about some of the techniques, but the proof has been in the results! Thank you!"

"....after years of suffering creative blocks..I have now finished my first novel."