Want to manage your weight? It first needs to be established if your weight gain is caused by a physiological issue (for example conditions such as Underactive thyroid, Polycystic ovary syndrome, Diabetes, Water retention). Therefore it is advised that you seek medical advice to clarify the cause of your weight gain.

Quite often issues with weight gain have an underlying emotional cause. During your initial session, we will explore what you feel are the causes, what your current patterns are and lifestyle, your diet, triggers to over eating, and how to move forward from this. 
You will receive tailor made hypnotherapy sessions and audio's to enable you to embed the suggestions in between your sessions. 

Unlike some of the other packages, all sessions will be using Hypnotherapy. Therefore, committing to the whole programme has benefits not only to your outcomes, but saves a significant amount of money. 

      8 week Weight Management Programme comprising of:
  • Tailor made package following exploration of your needs
  • Hypnotherapy (All sessions)
  • NLP
  • Taught Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Complementary personalised audio's
  • Email support for duration (1x per week)
  • Complementary 30 min Skype session (during course)
  • Complementary 30 min EFT focused Coaching session 
Once you have made a decision to work on an area of your life, you can commit and be part of a focused programme for positive change and breakthrough. 
You are investing in your health and well-being and will be fully supported throughout.

Investment is received when you book your first week. Should you decide not to proceed with the programme, your payment will be returned once full notice of one week has been given.

Please note: Your medical practitioner should be advised that you are seeking a programme of complementary therapy.

*Feeling more confident

*Motivation to lead a healthier lifestyle

*Looking after your body

*Understanding yourself and your triggers

*Feeling happier

*Learning a self help technique

*Improvement of self esteem

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