Single session of Reiki

£ 25 

Reiki package 6x sessions

£ 120 

 Do you have a friend or member of your family who you think would benefit from a course of Reiki sessions?

This package comprises of six sessions (60mins each). Usually individual sessions are priced at £50. This package offers you a very generous reduction. 

They will normally be arranged at weekly intervals where possible in order to feel maximum benefit and consistency.

Reiki is now accepted in the NHS as a form of complementary therapy has numerous benefits, some of which are:


*Lowers blood pressure

*Increased feeling of relaxation

*Relief of pain and discomfort 

*Aids the body's natural self healing process

*Improves overall wellbeing

FREE consultation via phone or Skype.

Tel. 07775 424 537

These particular sessions all take place in Walthamstow, North East London.

Please note:
Other gift packages can be made available which combine different types of therapies. Inspire Self Healing also offers Skype packages. Please ask for further details.
Treat yourself or a friend or family to a special gift. Saving you a significant amount of money but being a catalyst for positive transformations!
Beautifully designed gift vouchers available.

Hypnotherapy (3x sessions)

£ 120 

You might be wanting to buy this package for yourself. Maybe you've wanted to try Hypnotheray for a while, but have felt unsure about taking that step. Or you might know a friend or member of your family that has been talking about wanting to change a certain habit or behaviour to improve their life?

Either way, this course of Hypnotherapy not only offers you a significant reduction in price (usually 3x sessions would total £210), it will enable you / /recepient of gift to receive focused sessions on a particular area. Each session will last 60mins.

Hynotherapy is a completely safe and natural process. There are a lot of myths about it - owing to a misrepresentation on TV etc. 

People go into a relaxed state or a trance state every day of their lives. Think about when you might be on a train looking out of a window, and then you realise you've been 'daydreaming'. It's pretty much like this. The Hypnotherapist is there to guide you (you do the real work) into a relaxed state so that that your unconscious mind is more open to suggestion about a change you are already motivated for. Some people choose to work on:



*Weight Management

*Fears (for example of public speaking)

(List is not exhaustive).

Life purpose coaching session

£ 40 

These sessions are often a cataylst for significant changes in peoples lives. Using an ancient system (from numerology) combined with other techniques you will explore:


*Your challenges and how to move forward

*Your latent and expressed talents

*Your goals 

*Soul essence

This is all looked at from a world perspective and a spiritual one. In other words, it is seen as a blueprint for what your soul chose in this life. It provides answers to questions and helps you to make sense of some of the difficulties (or challenges) that you have or are currently experiencing. 

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All packages are part of complementary therapy. If you have a medical condition, please see your medical practitioner in the first instance.